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In April 1999 playwright Kathleen McCreery was invited by the charity 'Street Child Africa' (SCA) to work for a month in Accra with some of the young people the organisation is helping. The aim of this project was to introduce the children to drama, through workshops and the creation of plays. She worked with three groups:

1) The boys and girls at the day refuge run by Catholic Action for Street Children (CAS) in the centre of Accra.

2) The group of young pregnant women and new mothers based at Street Girls Aid (SAid), a sister organisation to CAS.

3) A group of girls at SAid who are being sponsored to train as dressmakers.

The workshops, many of which were based on the techniques of Augusto Boal, were designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage self-expression. Participants had fun and acquired new skills, but they were also offered a safe forum in which to tell their stories and identify the problems that face them. It was hoped that the social workers involved with the charity would be able to carry on the work after Kathleen left. As a result of the success in 1999 Kath was invited back in 2000 and was able to conduct more workshops and produce more plays.

the creche Konkomba

SAid young mothers

CAS refuge

SAid sewing girls

CAS sponsorship
If you are interested in the work of SCA or CAS please visit their websites.  You can also contribute money there.  A little goes a long way in Ghana, all contributions are gratefully received and all the money raised goes towards helping the kids. If you wish to buy any of these photographs from Ghana all my profits (after materials and postage) will be donated to SCA.
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